Missions and Outreach

Strategic Mission Partners Here and Around the World

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We exist to glorify God by knowing the Person of Christ, treasuring the glory of Christ, and advancing the gospel of Christ.

The primary way we go about this mission is seeking to be faithful Christians who leverage everything we are, have, and do for the glory of Christ. So, along with placing the local church at the center of our lives, we also seek to make Christ known and magnify His glory through holy and loving living, zealous evangelism, and selfless discipling in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and wherever else we find ourselves.

We want to point people to Jesus in all we do, which is at the heart of being a faithful and healthy local church. But, along with seeking to be a faithful and healthy local church, we are also striving to reach the lost and plant and revitalize churches here and around the world. But we can’t do this alone, nor are we called to.

So, we have strategic mission partners here and around the world.

We are currently in the process of joining a Reformed Baptist network of churches that partner together for encouragement, edification, training, accountability, and church planting around the world.

We partner with AMEA Ministries International. They work to Advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

We partner with 20 Schemes, a ministry seeking to bring the light of the gospel to Scotland through church planting and revitalization.

And here in the states we partner with Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, a confessionally Reformed Baptist school, that seeks to help the church to prepare men to undertake the full range of pastoral responsibilities they will face in serving Christ and His kingdom, and to equip Christians for effective service in the church.

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