Mission, Vision, and Doctrine

Mission Statement


Cornerstone Reformed Church exists to glorify God by knowing the person of Christ, treasuring the glory of Christ, and advancing the gospel of Christ.

Our Vision


Our hope is to bring every area of life under joyful submission to the Lordship of Christ in Terrell, Kaufman County, and to the ends of the earth.

Our Doctrine


Because we are a gospel church, our most fundamental Confession is the Apostles’ Creed, because it is a basic summary of the gospel, which is the very core of our faith as Christians. We are to welcome one another as God has welcomed us; and God has welcomed us in and through Christ and His gospel. Therefore, an adherence to the Apostles’ Creed acts as the front door of the church. But once one enters through the front door, they start out on an ever-deepening journey of life and doctrine. Our leaders, and the preaching and teaching of this church, exist, in part, to help in that journey. And the guardrails of orthodoxy and general expectations of belief and practice that are laid out by the leaders of this church are helpfully seen in the Westminster Confession of 1647 and the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, however, we also have many members who hold to the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 and An Orthodox Catechism of 1680.